Grilled Birds 0 - 5 Batok Earthquakes
League, Season 7310 November 2019 04:30 HTT
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Counter Parties

The mood was funereal at the post-match presser, and Noubaryan was largely at a loss for words, as he confronted Grilled Birds' worst home league whitewash in their entire history. In the end, he chose to address it directly.

"We've gone down 2-7 to Be Champions FC, and 1-6 to newbies are newbies, but I think it's fair to state that neither of those were quite as unexpected - or cut as deep." he started. "I can't even fault the players here, you'd have said that they had done well based on everything but the result."

This defence of the team didn't go down well with some of the supporters, though, who thought that it absolved them of their obvious deficiencies all too glibly. "I get it, we have never quite solved counterattacking, but isn't this one big excuse?" disgruntled diehard Mohd Faris bin Azmin complained. "Somebody should have taken responsibility, instead of hiding behind bad luck!"

There was more counterattacking going on with the Farmer Bunnies, who ended a third straight week at the top of the S-League, after holding Random Curiosity FC to a two-all draw at Yagami High Sport Arena. Mushtag Al-Nameeri answered Louie Knight's solo breakthrough in the first half, and Kwek Yun Jie might even have won it from a free-kick melee, were it not for Knight's second in the 71st minute.

The Buns' staying power has seen some pundits coming around to a possible title challenge, although most accepted that their upcoming fixture against defending champions Bot Team FC would give a much better idea as to their true power. "Yes, there are no easy games at this level, but there are... tougher ones, and Bot Team FC will be Farmer Bunnies' biggest test yet." television personality Steve Yeung said. "If they do manage to win, there will be some real questions raised."

The stakes are high too with third-placed Arrogancae and fourth-placed FC Barca Singapore also up next, in a round which mostly went by rote with all other hosts winning. Sarcastic Fringeheads received their first defeat at the hands of Arrogancae, who held on to Tanio Bagazgoitia's penalty goal for three very valuable points.

Grilled International made the most of their gimme at in-administration N.E.C. & Liverpool, and Tibor Atzenhain recorded his maiden hat-trick in extra-time, having set off with a simple poach towards the end of the first half, before curling an excellent free-kick home. Wang Chu Chi and Li Xin Chi had braces, with Safari bin Hj Jali and Chen Feng Kok also in on the scoring.

This keeps International two points ahead of the chasing duo of R.R.R. Rennschwein Rudi Rüssel and Recife Sport, with Nice litle pingvin suffering an uncharacteristically poor start, as they were held scoreless by AC Uettligen.

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