Jean Valjean United 3 - 4 Grilled Birds
International Friendly, Season 7211 September 2019 18:45 HTT
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Tigers Last Long

Hovaness Noubaryan reserved a long nod for his side. "It was sure hot and stuffy out there against a stubborn host, but the guys grit through it. I can't say too much about how we defended, but we made up for it at least. Velho ran his heart out to get us the win."

The Bunnies had it hard too, also against UAE opposition, as they invited Dubai III.10 representatives Al Waha Tigers to Carrot Field. A suffocating first half would be spiced up by Younis Al-Mukhaithi's booking for a meaty bump on Tan Dong Hao, with Rashid Nasir al Din deflecting a Husam Maradi effort, before Llamil Vener stroked wide on the counter.

The second period likewise saw the most notable chances come through these personnel, though with Akıner Sayın having replaced Rashin in the Buns goal; the deadlock would be broken with six minutes remaining, and only after much fruitless running from Daniel Nguyen before it all opened up for him. Hari Rapaka could share much of the credit, having tirelessly attacked Sulaiman Al-Abdul in the lead-up to the goal.

Finally, Grilled International replicated the Birds' 4-3 result, against Lebanese II.2 stragglers Maldecap. Like with the Birds, they would have to come from behind twice, to find a late one-two knockout combo from Wang Hanxuan and Zaini bin Hj Kaling.

    Haha Held
    Arrogancae Closing
    Wong Knee Concern
    Valjean Doubly Arrested
    Tigers Last Long
    Fringe Shaved
    The Real Birds
    Wonna Bomb
    Teletabiai's Shah
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