Fox kickers 4 - 2 Grilled Birds
International Friendly (Cup Rules), Season 7203 September 2019 19:20 HTT
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Wonna Bomb

Chan Ze Han, watching from the sidelines, could not help but engage in some direct criticism of his teammates, against his usual code. "Some of us weren't very serious. Yes, it's an exhibition, but it's not that funny. We are all in dire straits partly because of such an attitude."

Whether his seniors took offence at so blatant a critique is unknown, but given Chan's standing among the squad, it's safe to say that his words were heard. Vikram Mudaliar for one would support Chan openly. "He's right, you know. It's the mentality."

The Farmer Bunnies would stay in Singapore and welcome Brazil's Bom Senso F.C. to Carrot Field, where the Buns played out a 3-1 victory. Llamil Vener kept up the scoring habit from Sunil Patel's textbook corner, and might even have gotten a second in first-half injury time, were it not for a reflex stop from Leandro Mariscal.

Gabriel Luke took over from Rashid Nasir al Din for the second half for Bunnies, and duly allowed Timóteo Marques to equalize in the 79th minute after failing to challenge for a cross. The Buns would retake the lead through Kwek Yun Jie's penalty, and Tan Dong Hao then made sure off Mariscal's half-save from Patel.

And over in Ghana, III.3 side Wonna_Team were thoroughly dismantled by Grilled International, shipping an outrageous eight goals. This did however cost International two of their players, with Collin Kleden and Subhi bin Hj Ahmad having to go off in the second half, by which time Wang Hanxuan had already completed his hat-trick.

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