Grilled Birds 2 - 2 Haha
League, Season 7215 September 2019 04:30 HTT
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Arrogancae Closing

Hovaness Noubaryan considered the draw a decent if non-ideal result. "We've dropped at least six points by my reckoning, from giving up leads." the head coach mused. "Which would have put us in a far better position. It's no good to delve too deep into hypotheticals, I understand, but it suggests that we have been letting ourselves down."

Noubaryan then pointed to Haha as an example of longevity at the top, something very rare in the current competitive atmosphere. "They're in their thirteenth straight S-League season, which is a full generation of players, while winning three Challenger Cups in that stint. Surely they must be doing something right. Some of their best from that era are aging, though, and it remains to be seen if Akeda can carry on the mantle."

The title race is certainly heating up, with Arrogancae getting to within a point of Bot Team FC, whose formerly-impressive lead has all but evaporated after getting held to a one-all home draw by KingofNoobs United. Arrogancae themselves made no mistake against United Legends FC, and shook off Nicola Abis's horrendous injury in the 13th minute to prevail 2-0.

Sarcastic Fringeheads cannot be entirely counted out either, after they recovered from their upset by the Birds in splendid fashion, by whipping Mia San Toa Payoh for six; veteran utility man Chew Fu Chuan kicked off with a hat-trick. Mia San will further be without Polish rightback Franciszek Odziemczyk against Grilled next Sunday due to a freak arm fracture, which must be welcome news for Heng Dong Chu in a manner.

Farmer Bunnies did what they had to at Carrot Field, and dispatched a stubborn The EV XI via Mushtag Al-Nameeri's twelfth minute winner, off a prolonged set-piece arrangement. It was just as well that Mushtag struck then, given the Buns' terrible fortune on the final ball thereafter. Richard Agyei strove to distinguish himself in the absence of Wong Ting Yew, but had several excellent attempts foiled in various unlikely ways.

Dalibor Kostadinović remained pleased at how solid the Buns were at the back. "I don't think we gave up a single clear shot, throughout the ninety minutes. There will be days where it just doesn't go right for us in an attacking sense, like today, but we should always have our defensive foundation to fall back upon."

And although the Buns couldn't make up ground on JUtd and Ambush F.C., both of whom enjoyed clean sheet wins too, there are very good odds that they will do so next week, when the top two play each other and the Buns visit bottom side Red Freaking Chillies. "One match at a time." Tham Leng Teck reminded.

    Toa Payoh MIA
    Iron Lions Tension
    Haha Held
    Arrogancae Closing
    Wong Knee Concern
    Valjean Doubly Arrested
    Tigers Last Long
    Fringe Shaved
    The Real Birds
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