Grilled Birds 5 - 3 Sarcastic Fringeheads
League, Season 7208 September 2019 04:30 HTT
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The Real Birds

One could hardly fault Noubaryan for being a little giddy after one of the biggest results of his tenure, and it was telling that he retained undertones of what could have been, in his statement to the press. "The sad thing is, this is exactly what we're capable of. We've been badly underselling ourselves for months. Think of where the club would be, had we performed this way all along!"

While Noubaryan then praised Heng Dong Chu, he placed the bulk of the credit firmly with Moey Xin Seng and Cyril Künzler. "They've been our most important players for the recent month, and especially today. When they're on form together, we've tended to do well."

The head coach then exhorted his players to keep up the good work against Haha, who fell 1-2 to Arrogancae this week. This result sees Arrogancae back within three points of Bot Team FC, who suddenly appear vulnerable after a massive 0-3 upset by United Legends FC. Elsewhere, Mia San Toa Payoh sunk further into danger, no thanks to a home loss to KingofNoobs United.

Farmer Bunnies stayed within three points of II.3 leaders JUtd, on the back of a stellar showing from their national team stars against Heaven Skys. They looked to be depending on Wong Ting Yew's eleventh minute free-kick putback, until late goals by Tham and Kwek arrived. JUtd, Ambush F.C. and littlehorse made it a top-half-of-table away sweep, as they eked narrow wins to leave the table unchanged.

As for Grilled International, they are closing in on a second Division Five title, as they destroyed fc Snoetie by five goals to one, with Fausto Perono pulling away in the top scorers' rankings with a brace. International were aided by Russian forward Anton Kutasov getting himself sent off for dissent in the 23rd minute, which left fc Snoetie much less of a threat.

Nice litle pingvin maintained their second position by dismissing Recife Sport 4-1, but Roar Olaisen remained confident of ending it when the twain clash in the penultimate round. "We don't want to bother too much about what others are doing. International are going up!"

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