Grilled Birds 2 - 4 Mia San Toa Payoh
League, Season 7221 July 2019 04:30 HTT
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Hot And Bothered

Chan Ze Han was apologetic as he faced the press corps down, following Grilled's failure to get their first point in the S-League. "We were quite familiar with Mia San, and it remains a bad matchup, as you could see. Even without Jerry Lim, there wasn't any good answer to their style."

While Hovaness Noubaryan agreed that the team had not lived up to expectations, he also berated the fans who had booed them after the second goal. "They were playing their hearts out there, and small parts of the support weren't helping. This is a tough patch for everyone, and I would like the Grilled fans to be behind us."

Running through to form, Grilled were the only hosts to lose, as Bot Team FC laid an early claim to the title with their third win on the trot, 4-1 over Haha. Pundits would describe the Bots as being more than the sum of their parts, as they mowed through opposition despite not being strikingly outstanding in any particular respect.

Arrogancae and Sarcastic Fringeheads staying on Bot Team FC's tail with convincing home wins too, with the former shutting KingofNoobs United out 4-0 thanks to an Anacleto Rissoto brace. The Fringeheads for their part mirrored the Bots in their comeback 3-1 over United Legends FC, who got pegged back by a late surge from Salman Al-Qasem and Iliya Tzonkov.

Farmer Bunnies at least got back to winning ways, as they crushed Red Freaking Chillies by six clear goals. The visitors had tried to operate on the counter too, but found themselves drawn into an uncharacteristically open game, with main striker Octávio Aroso moreover shackled by Richard Agyei. Vishnu Tallapaka's free-kick double to start the second half all but decided the contest, though the Buns will have to do without Sofian Azfar for a week or so, due to a twisted ankle. Daniel Nguyen did a passable job at right wing for Azfar, supplying an assist for Mushtag Al-Nameeri's 37th minute header.

This leaves the Buns just two points off co-leaders littlehorse and Ambush F.C., and Dalibor Kostadinović was confident that they could defend their title. "Ambush F.C. are the surprise package of the season for me, from how they beat JUtd 1-0 today. With Tham Leng Teck returning soon, however, we are well placed to make up ground."

There was no redemption for Grilled International though, as they fell 1-3 to bitter rivals Manchesthair United FC. Fausto Perono would level in the 40th minute after Bronisław Flegel's opener, but they were - like the Birds - unable to muster enough firepower to blast through United's lines, before getting taken apart later on.

Wang Hanxuan could not deny that this was getting to be an all too predictable vulnerability, but could not offer a concrete solution. "We have been faithfully working on our scoring - I urge the fans to be patient. Defences are improving everywhere too, we're in a race to adapt."

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