KingofNoobs United 5 - 1 Grilled Birds
League, Season 7214 July 2019 04:30 HTT
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Lean Pickings

Hovaness Noubaryan cut a grim picture long before the end, as it became apparent just how much of a gap remained between Grilled and the best teams in the land. "It's all the little things, and this distance isn't one that can be covered in a jiffy." the head coach admitted. "Realistically, we're aiming for survival as of now."

Noubaryan then made it clear that this target was not to be taken as an impeachment of his players. "They're a great bunch with a future - this is simply a consequence of being too early. Most of our guys are some years from their prime, and being competitive in the top flight with that handicap may be too much to expect."

About the S-League being competitive, the headline match of the round exemplified it, as Arrogancae destroyed defending champions Sarcastic Fringeheads at home by four goals to nil, with Ruddy Lora collecting a brace. This had Bot Team FC leading the table with a 3-0 over Mia San Toa Payoh, alongside United Legends FC, who rode two early goals to victory against Haha.

There was much pain in store for the Farmer Bunnies too, as they suffered their heaviest league defeat in fifteen seasons, a 4-0 loss to Ambush F.C.; the former Sapphire Challenger Cup winners were impeccable on set-pieces, which coincided with a sudden loss of form by Vivian Grubenmann, who let in two probably-saveable free-kicks by Chow Chu Tian.

This result sees the Buns bottom of the II.3 table, which was concerning to Dalibor Kostadinović. "Every side has a bad day now and then, that's ok - but we cannot let this continue. At least we're just three points off the leaders, so it isn't that bad. We also missed Tham Leng Teck's presence badly, the team has gotten too used to his calming influence."

There would be no win for Grilled International either, as they were held to a one-all draw by Nice litle pingvin. Wang Chu Chi would be knackered by Philippe Charton in the fourth minute, leaving Abdul Hamid bin Hj Ali Timbang to fill in at forward. Didi Reidenbach's set-piece special in the 17th minute would then by nullified by Sümer Baştuğ in the second half, and a bad-tempered finale yielded no deciding goal.

Fausto Perono bemoaned his early misses, and vowed to make it right against Manchesthair United FC next Friday. "That was a missed opportunity. We should have taken it, but they were so, so stubborn."

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