FC São Tomé 18 2 - 9 Grilled Birds
International Friendly, Season 7129 May 2019 18:50 HTT
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Kalle Downed

Grilled head coach Hovaness Noubaryan didn't overlook Prokop Mottl's industry. "Prokop takes all his games seriously, we can all see that. Very professional. Romijn and Panigrahi were excellent too. Now, if only they could keep their cool..."

As for the Farmer Bunnies, they were taken down by Thai Division Four visitors Termos, with skipper Gamal Khater volleying home the only goal of the match against Gabriel Luke. It could have been a different story had Kalle Luik faced that down, but the Estonian had been retired due to an accidental knee to his privates, late in the first half.

"It's nothing serious, but there was no way I was continuing for the next ten minutes, and goalkeeper's not a position a team can play without." Luik commented after the end.

Morgan Hu, who partnered Namdar Zarar in midfield, was of the opinion that the Buns had been outdone at their own game. "We didn't have enough conviction going forward, and they killed us with their patience."

And over in Kenya, Grilled International held II.4 side Texas Nairobi to a 2-2 draw, which began badly for them as Saka Oracho and Hamadi Shah gave Nairobi a commanding early lead. A foot injury to defender Jean-Paul Onyancha took the wind out of Nairobi's sails, though, and Safari bin Hj Jali would get one back in the 33rd minute, from Fausto Perono's corner delivery.

It took another corner, this time converted by Yao Erguo, to get International back on an even footing, and they might even have turned it completely around, had either Wang Chu Chi or Sahari Jainal scored towards the end. As it was, Roar Olaisen felt it a fair outcome. "We still aren't doing enough with all our possession, but our corner kick drills are paying off!"

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