Grilled Birds 4 - 1 FC LANKA CLUB
International Friendly (Cup Rules), Season 7122 May 2019 04:30 HTT
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Atzenhain Sidelined

Hovaness Noubaryan had a good bottle of wine ready for his FC LANKA CLUB equivalent Gian Carlo Sostegni, a gesture that was roundly appreciated.

On the game itself, Noubaryan couldn't get around praising skipper Chan Ze Han. "He's 23 with the authority of a 33 year-old, and the unbottled energy of a 13 year-old." he summarized. "Chan gives all but 100%, every time I have seen him on the pitch. Give me nine more of him, and we'd be a match for any team in the land!"

"As for Bhavya Panigrahi, he's lived well up to expectations on his set pieces. Between him, Künzler and Gilbert Webb, we should be set in most realistic configurations. It's unfortunate for Bernie Egan, but from a wider perspective, the return to fitness of Kalki Parvathaneni means that we can afford Bernie's layoff."

Farmer Bunnies' south-east Asian invitational continued, as they received Jakarta club Bekasi Selatan FC at Carrot Field. The Division Two side managed to score from a corner through 22 year-old hometown lad Jajang Mulyadi, but the Buns were two up thanks to Brendan Leung and Llamil Vener by then. Morgan Hu confirmed the win from a narrow angle in the 51st minute, as the visitors held off heavy Bunnies pressure in the last ten minutes.

And in Armenia, Grilled International would record a five-nil victory over II.3 hosts Canyon defenders. German rookie Tibor Atzenhain began very brightly, nearly curling a wondergoal in after sixteen minutes, but it would all end in tears with a crocked ankle towards the end. Veteran Hesky Atmanegara replaced him, and ironically immediately tapped the resulting well-worked indirect free-kick in.

The other goals first arrived from Subhi bin Hj Ahmad, Wang Chu Chi and Wang Hanxuan, with Hanxuan dominant as ever from the right forward position. Fausto Perono had missed several good opportunities - not wholly his own fault - through much of the match, but would manage to get on the scoresheet from a 75th minute penalty; he then missed a second spot kick in stoppage time, due to overconfidence.

Word from the International medicos was that Atzenhain had merely sprained his left ankle, but Roar Olaisen appeared to hint that the teenager might be kept under wraps for a time. "We don't want to overwork our boys, too early in their career."

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