Grilled Birds 6 - 1 ERYTHRURA GOULDIAE
International Friendly (Cup Rules), Season 7030 January 2019 04:30 HTT
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Egan Voices Concerns

It was another big win for the soaring Birds, but it wasn't all perfect either, with Irish goalscorer Bernie Egan publicly hinting that he wasn't being used in the best possible way.

"I see myself as an attacker, as was the case today." Egan commented. "See, I respect the coaches, and maybe I'm up to the task, but the final third is where I want to be."

The fact that Egan had started neither the Cup final against Puh erh, or Sunday's critical fixture with Mia San Toa Payoh, had been touted as an indication that he wasn't being fully trusted by Hovaness Noubaryan. Noubaryan did little to dispel such talk, as he pointedly avoided the subject during his own speech.

Bunnies meanwhile crashed at Comoros Division Four side New Kauping, and while they only had Sofian Azfar from the regulars, it was still a poor showing by all accounts. Daniel Nguyen was against far more a grafter than a complete striker, and Rashid Nasir al Din provided little assurance that he would be a fit backup for Vivian Grubenmann. Gabriel Luke then came on for the last five minutes, and managed to let a weak strike from player-coach Ali Bacar slip through in that time.

It was closer from Grilled International against former Palestine Sapphire Challenger Cup victors VCF Palestina, as they held out for 82 minutes, till Idris Ali scrapped for the winner. Considering that VCF Palestina had started national stars Gassan Diarbakrly and Solaiman Habal, this was hardly a bad result.

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