Munich Giants 1 - 4 Grilled Birds
International Friendly (Cup Rules), Season 6930 October 2018 18:25 HTT
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Any Port In A Slash

Hovaness Noubaryan professed to just be content that the squad had gotten through the game without injury. "Hopefully the host forgive me for saying this, but I've got other stuff on my mind at the moment."

He had good reason to think thus too, given how 32 year-old richlyeng midfielder Józef Siciak had just suffered a terrible groin muscle tear against former Bolivian cup winners Wilster, a repeat injury that might well see him out for much of the first half of next season. "You never like to see these things happen, not even to players from your next opponent." Noubaryan continued. "We wish Józef all the best in his rehabilitation."

Farmer Bunnies would see Miran Raulj sustain a minor calf issue in their 3-0 victory over Jamaican Division Four leaders Portland Pathogens. The black-shirted Pathogens were stymied by the Buns' breathless pressing, and stunned by a Daniel Nguyen counter right at the end of the first half. Their German hothead Sascha Röhrmoos would then be dismissed for the challenge that forced Raulj off, in between Chai Mohilever's unexpected brace.

Grilled International lost 0-4 to former Pakistani national champions slashers, whose star Belarus striker Mikita Shpakouski completed a hat-trick by the 54th minute, before Shaheer Luqman finished them off. The International players were well satisfied with the experience by all appearances - perhaps other than Fausto Perono, who is likely to miss the last league match with a badly bruised collarbone.

The Buns and International would clash head-on at U-20 level in Brunei too, and it would be the Busy Bees who would prevail 4-3 at Hornet Hive after extra time, with regular time ending two-all. Most present agreed that it was the Rancher Rabbits' Tejas Gujar who shone brightest with his two goals, especially after combative Bees midfielder Tan Ming Ho had to retire after 26 minutes with a stubbed left foot.

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