The international psychopaths 4 - 8 Grilled Birds
International Friendly, Season 6912 September 2018 06:15 HTT
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Twice Bitten Once Team

"It was a relief that the game ended when it did." vice-captain Yuki Irie commented, only half-jokingly. "Another ten minutes, and we might have lost!"

The Buns would have cause to regret something like that, as they came up short against Oneteamtoplay once more. Eguzki Estartaetxe stuck to more or less the same tactics that had got his side a 1-0 win at Carrot Field, albeit with his fullbacks pushing forward slightly more. This would however allow Lau Chang Wan a rare peek in behild in the 16th minute, and 38 year-old Abderahim Bentellis showed that while his body might have slowed, his mind was as quick as ever.

Bentellis would be withdrawn for Ibrahim Zahran Al-Maashany after half an hour without warning, but Farmer Bunnies didn't miss a step, and were unlucky not to have a second from Sofian Azfar's long shot in the 35th. The second half was more balanced, and Oneteamtoplay pulled back through Goswin Kowalski from a good cross. Both teams had chances to win it in regulation, with Lau striking the crossbar, and Yann Somers almost slipping it past Vivian Grubenmann.

Control returned to the Buns after ninety minutes, and Ibrahim Zahran Al-Maashany would regret not putting Oneteamtoplay away, on a golden opportunity in the 100th minute. While they were confident going into penalties, Pere Puigpelat would guess right for Vishnu Tallapaka on the Buns' second take, and his teammates would make no such error on their part.

The loss certainly stung, with a large minority of Buns fans turning on the suspended Sim Leng Cheng for perceived irresponsibility in getting booked for a trivial offence on Sunday. Jon Benson was having none of that. "We win and lose as a unit."

With Grilled International likewise crashing out, arguably even more undeservingly, against Luxembourg team La Bestia Negra CF yesterday, the Buns' defeat spells the end of cup participation for the Grilled clubs. Osertz Indurain had given G.I. the lead for that one, but Ken Langley equalized in the 81st minute, before Sergen Avar seized upon a momentary loss of focus from Adam Killick.

Sazwan bin Hj Muhd Salleh took it in his stride. "Adam's the last guy you'd think do that, but it happens."

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