Mia San Toa Payoh 3 - 1 Grilled Birds
League, Season 6928 October 2018 04:30 HTT
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Somehow Within Reach

The defeat leaves Grilled almost certainly needing to face a qualifier, given that Kim Tae Hee FC are unlikely not to get at least a point when they host Talpons on the final weekend. The silver lining would be that automatic relegation is no longer possible, after richlyeng rangers' 0-3 defeat to the same left them six points adrift of the Birds.

Interestingly, even second-placed Mia San could yet join Grilled in their season-end trial, since a defeat to United - and wins by KTH and RFC - would see those three overtake them. As it was, the other two games of the round were uneventful, both ending in goalless draws.

Farmer Bunnies did scarcely more in their 1-0 home win against FC Barca Singapore, but that Lau Chang Wan strike proved all the difference, as it got the Buns within a point of Oneteamtoplay, who somehow lost to Controlar after Shabanali Izad Panah put them 2-0 up. This development means that the Buns can take the II.3 title if they beat bottom-placed Ah Beng FC next Sunday, and FC Barca hold Oneteamtoplay.

Sikong Darong acknowledged that he never quite believed that winning a Division Two league on their first try was plausible. "Yes, there was talk when we won the first three, but deep in our hearts, I'm not sure how many were serious... and here we are, in with a real shot."

"But we have to do our part." the wily old head coach added. "Imagine, if Oneteamtoplay don't win, but we didn't either. I know I wouldn't be able to sleep for a week!"

There were no such worries for Grilled International, who had already tied it up, as previously reported on Friday. Tajit bin Mohd reported being most concerned about beefing the squad. "But the big plans will have to wait, after it's clear whether we're promoting."

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