Grilled Birds 2 - 1 Kim Tae Hee FC
League, Season 6916 September 2018 04:30 HTT
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Not In Full Controlar

Moey Xin Seng's embrace of Chan Ze Han at the final whistle was palpably heartfelt, and the Grilled skipper's appreciation of his young buddy didn't end there.

"It's times like this that we're reminded of how special Chan is." Moey gushed during the post-game interview. "Kim Tae Hee were all business, they were never going down easily, and it would take something out of left field to beat them. Literally, as it turned out."

Noubaryan was more conciliatory towards Islom Davlatov and Yuta Nakakita than might have been expected from his gametime reactions. "I'm not naming names, but the seniors have to maintain their discipline - because if they won't, who will?"

Mia San Toa Payoh are now within reach after a 1-2 away loss in their top-of-the-table blockbuster with littlehorse, who have thus opened up a formidable five point lead. In the other direction, the Birds are four points ahead of fourth-placed Robbie Football Club, who drew nil-all with richlyeng rangers. -= Manchester United =- wiped Talpons 3-0 for their first league victory of the season.

As for Farmer Bunnies, they displayed their mettle by dragging II.3 toppers Controlar into settling for a goalless draw. Gael Shiloah was largely marked out of the game, and the Buns could even claim to have had the better of the first half, with ex-Northern Irish youth international Jon Benson nearly scoring twice.

Controlar never quite figured out how to get past the Buns' lines, but that was true for Farmer Bunnies too. Sim Leng Cheng was off-colour, Enzo Paolo Panzarino did nothing to warrant his visible displeasure at being taken off, and Ibrahim Zahran Al-Maashany got caught napping in the 83rd minute when Sofian Azfar served the best chance of the day up to him on a plate. If Valentin Dragić had kept his effort down after that last, Sikong Darong would probably have torn his hair out.

"We did good, but I can't be happy." Sikong emphasized. "We should have won! I don't want to see the same mistakes happen next week."

Over in Canada, Black Trapper put the beatdown on a poor Grilled International side, winning 5-2 to return to the top of V.231. Anselmo Pucci shone as a creative force, and by the time Wang Chu Chi scored in the 76th - with Guy de Neef sent off shortly afterwards - G.I. were too far gone.

Fausto Perono admitted that it was a disappointing day out. "We were bad, sad to say. I can't hide that."

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