Bob Marley United 1 - 0 Grilled Birds
International Friendly, Season 6806 June 2018 09:30 HTT
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CojOnes Large

Chan Ze Han, who captained Grilled for the day, was critical about his contribution. "It's not been a very good patch. We did take the pace for most of the game, but they were simply too tight in the final third."

The Buns too suffered defeat, at the hands of Algerian Division Two hosts CojOnes55. Sarkis Krikoryan was a revelation attacking from deep, with his perfect 67th minute free-kick even giving Buns a 3-2 lead, but otherwise a generally uncreative offense let them down as it had the Birds.

Alun Rees countered to send the friendly into extra time, in which Iván Fernández Mediavilla converted a penalty after some hanky-panky between Llamil Vener and Martín Nebuloni as the fresher hosts came out to play. They then secured the win through Hakan Zäh from a crisp Mediavilla cross.

Sikong Darong couldn't help but call Rashid Nasir al Din out. "The team did okay, but Rashid might want to watch the replays. He wasn't even close on some of their goals. He's a fine goalkeeper with many good years ahead, and it would be sad if he were to stagnate at this level."

Grilled International bucked the losing trend with a 3-1 victory in Portugal over sixth division team Os Carvalhos II, as Italian forward Fausto Perono continued living up to his promise by conjuring the final goal out of nothing. Ragib Banović and Wang Chu Chi had gotten G.I. off the blocks before that, after which Carvalhos' Clemente Ventura kept things interesting by nipping forward to reduce.

Wang Hanxuan would comment on the palpable edge to Perono's game. "You can almost feel his desire to score, every moment he's on the pitch. I'm not sure anyone wants it more than him!"

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