~Pollen~ 1 - 5 Grilled Birds
League, Season 6808 July 2018 04:30 HTT
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Gliding Into The Stretch

Better news was awaiting the Grilled team after the match, namely Ropelearner FC having been held to a four-all draw at -Blitz-. This means that Grilled only have to avoid defeat next week to secure their fourth Division Three title, as well as a likely promotion.

In fact, -Blitz- could have set themselves up for the guard of honour, had Koray Güner not responded instantly to Danil Labutin's 56th minute strike with one of his own. Birds captain Moey Xin Seng was definitely not blaming that one on them, though.

"It's already a huge favour. I almost regret that -Blitz- are up next, but we do what we must."

Cloudz United are almost certain to be relegated alongside Red Chaos, after ArSenal U21 battled them to a 2-0 home win. While ArSenal will be without Spanish goalie Alfredo Corrales for their final game against Red Chaos, due to a bruised ribcage, there are few indications that Cloudz will be able to make up a goal difference of twelve, especially against ~Pollen~.

Strangely, it's now tighter for the Buns despite them having been more dominant than the Birds have been in their own league, as Sporting Supernova kept within a point despite another big win by Farmer Bunnies. Sim Leng Cheng scored 27 minutes into his competitive debut, having been left out last Sunday for tactical reasons, and Enzo Paolo Panzarino extended his Golden Boot lead to three goals, with a brace towards the end of the first half.

Kwek Yun Jie is however out for the rest of the season with a left hamstring tear, but Sikong Darong insisted that his absence would change nothing against Sporting. "We beat them in the opener, and we aim to do it again."

If Bunnies do get at least a draw, they will be assured of both a first Division Three title, and a place in the division up. For their expectant fans, this probably will come none too soon.

Grilled International were not to be left out, as they managed the upset of the season against league leaders Real Internationale CF, and moreover were good value for their 3-0 victory at Burung Memorial Stadium; Recall, this was the same Real side that had schooled them 7-0 earlier this season!

G.I.'s possession-based gameplan was executed to near-perfection this time around, and despite the visitors being higher-rated man for man, it didn't matter as they simply weren't allowed to play their game. Micky bin Kadir got the home diehards believing with his 21st minute precision strike, before Fausto Perono mercilessly bullied Andreas Brandstedt twice more with his unreasonable close control.

This further put Perono one goal ahead of Real's Jan Kranz - completely shut down on the day - in the scoring stakes, and the accolades just can't stop pouring in for the relentless young Italian. As one fan put it, "I don't know if he's playing his heart out for us, or for himself - but does it make a difference?"

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