Grilled Birds 5 - 2 Cloudz United
League, Season 6810 June 2018 04:30 HTT
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Are You Kidding Me

Hovaness Noubaryan didn't look like the head coach of a team that had just won resoundingly, which was down to yet another unplanned departure by former Algerian youth international goalie Massoud Dob. It is well-known that Noubaryan had personally vouched for Dob in bringing him to Grilled, but three injuries to the 23 year-old, after barely two-thirds of a season, is raising some big questions about the health of the S$16.3 million investment.

"I'd like to say that our doctors have figured it out, but I can't." Noubaryan sighed. "Massoud doesn't have a history of this, we did extensive background checks. It's just very bad luck."

Noubaryan then turned to happier subjects, praising Chan Ze Han for his initiative before moving on to Tian Yonghang. "With that goal, Tian is now in sole possession of our all-time league goal record, one ahead of Mohd Safri, and also level with Mohd Safri in competitive goals scored."

"I'm hearing from my contacts that Mohd Safri himself attended today's game; He's always kept a low profile after retiring, but if there's anything that would bring him out, it would be this."

Either way, Grilled will be looking to pick up another win against Red Chaos next Sunday, as they keep up their chase of Ropelearner FC. Ropelearner expectedly came out on top against Red Chaos today, and Marijan Grgeč padded their goal-difference with a late second-half hat-trick. The 6-1 win was slightly marred by a minor foot injury to Chinese winger Ye Junzheng, who should however be available against ArSenal U21 from updates.

~Pollen~ fell four points behind Grilled after being held to a dreary one-all draw by newbies, who had Seetoh Aik Beng to thank for preserving their point. ArSenal U21 are in real trouble, as their latest 0-6 whitewash by -Blitz- puts them in danger of automatic relegation - there was little evidence of any will towards resistance on ArSenal's part, as Franz Schachner feasted magnificently with four goals.

There were no problems on Farmer Bunnies' end, as they put up some of the biggest numbers in their history in smashing eleven goals past SingSing73. Enzo Paolo Panzarino had his treble by the 33rd minute, under-fire Ibrahim Zahran Al-Maashany got two in the second half, and after they were replaced, substitutes Abderahim Bentellis and Daniel Nguyen got on the scoreboard too.

Wong Ting Yew is however now suspended for the Eatgrass game, but Sikong Darong doesn't expect it to affect the outcome. "We only have eyes for the prize now."

Grilled International again fell to Canada's Black Trapper on Friday, although Safari bin Hj Jali did at least manage a consolation this time. The run-up had been packed, with FC Kiepenkerle 17 demanding a rematch after losing to an Osertz Indurain winner in the Jungs mit Willen tournament. Kiepenkerle did prevail 2-0 the second time round, though it was purely for pride.

G.I. are now braced for another problematic matchup against Manchesthair United FC, and moreover without Franciszek Jaźwiecki, who picked up a third yellow. Micky bin Kadir refused to be discouraged, for all that.

"We just need to score first. It all hinges on that."

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