-Blitz- 4 - 6 Grilled Birds
League, Season 6815 April 2018 04:30 HTT
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Going Supernova

Although the valuable win was celebrated by Grilled fans, there was somewhat less enthusiasm than might have been expected at getting three points out of one's main rivals. "It's just that we've been burned once too often, maybe." one fan mused on the club forums. "It'll take more than this for us to be really excited again."

In any case, it was ArSenal U21 who shot to the head of the table, as Golden Boot winner Isaac Altefähre bagged five in ravaging Red Chaos by nine goals to one. Ropelearner FC meanwhile upset newbies are newbies 4-2, with Dániel Bejczi's first-half brace giving them the boost they needed.

The last fixture was fought between the newcomers, as ~Pollen~ and Cloudz United introduced themselves to III.15 with a earnest if not especially technically-impressive 2-1 game. Hosts ~Pollen~ were on the winning side, with Mohd Kamaluddin Mohd Faris only managing to spoil their clean sheet with three minutes remaining. However, they may be missing goalkeeper Kwa Li Eng against Grilled, while young striker Fahmi Ridza was likewise taken off but is expected to recover in time.

Hovaness Noubaryan targeted another win for his team next week. "Not to downplay ~Pollen~ or anything, but these are points that we can't drop, if we're being serious about the title. ~Pollen~ definitely have more in the tank - they reserved Lilian Iolea, for one, and Ramy Mansoor Al-Rashdy wasn't even on the bench."

Over in III.11, Farmer Bunnies defeated Sentosa mainstays Sporting Supernova 3-0, after they had exchanged places with M4 United with a late application. There surely wasn't much time to scout out the visitors, whose most famous player is probably Iranian forward Milad Dehban, but the Buns managed nicely by imposing their will.

Lau Chang Wan would start off with a 22nd minute pop in a very conservative first half, with Vishnu Tallapaka adding a rare header from Brendan Leung's floated ball in the 68th minute. They threw off the restraints somewhat after that, leading to Tham Leng Teck's third, and Szergej Balázs' yellow card for lashing out verbally in frustration.

Puh erh, who had replaced a sadly-fallen Scallop Soccer Team just two seasons out of the S-League, were schooled 5-0 by Unium F.C, but it would be Eatgrass who would be the frontrunners with their 8-0 destruction of SingSing73. Ang Mohs in flip flops rounded out the winners, with their 5-1 victory over GoonSquad.

As for Grilled International, they would find Division Five not that far removed from Division Six, wiping Belgium's fc Snoetie by six goals without reply. Ragib Banović flaunted his class as he led the team to 4-0 by the 63rd minute, before Snoetie came apart completely and conceded two rather odd penalties. Subhi bin Hj Ahmad converted both handily, with regular taker Soo Kiong Yau still laid up with a bad left calf.

Tajit bin Mohd is looking for another season of glory, although he did admit that next opponents Real Internationale CF might be difficult. "They have a fantastic defence, I'll give them that. I do still see us as having a fighting chance - one that I recommend the players take!"

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