Grilled Birds 6 - 0 Between a Walk and a Hard Pace
Cup (Round 2), Season 6727 December 2017 04:30 HTT
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Exploring Depths

Chan Ze Han couldn't quite hide his dismay at not getting his first professional hat-trick. "That would have been special." the 18 year-old told the assembled reporters. "Between put up a good fight early on, but we had them on the ropes in the second half."

Noubaryan, who made it a point to personally oversee the Cup match, redirected attention to the league. "I'm encouraged especially by our defensive efforts, and I want the players to remember this when they face Ropelearner FC on Sunday. Cyril Künzler was terrific yet again on the right, we'll be wanting more of the same from him too."

Farmer Bunnies likewise made the third round of the Singapore Cup, as they saw III.16 representatives Deep Blue United off by two goals to nothing. Sofian Azfar and Abderahim Bentellis secured progression through first-half counters, and although Deep Blue tried a late rally, they never quite threatened Vivian Grubenmann in the Bunnies goal.

It was a measure of the Buns' suffocating shielding of Grubenmann that Koo Eng Chang didn't manage a single proper shot in the ninety minutes, but it was hardly his fault, as he could barely turn without meeting a defender head-on. United hadn't even put first-team striker Rami Salomon on the bench, though it was an open question as to whether even he could have done much better.

Sikong Darong would be more concerned about next Cup opponents FC Tobi 74, who had just done SunCube in, 3-2. "Tobi play a careful game, and we'd ideally grab an early goal, to force them to come out and play." Sikong said, "Otherwise, it could become a grind."

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