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Grilled Birds 6 - 2 ArSenal U21
League, Season 6724 December 2017 04:30 HTT
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Scripted Perfectly

The supporters were definitely more buoyed that they had been for some seasons as they sang the Grilled players off the pitch, and Hovaness Noubaryan was more than ready to bask in this very auspicious beginning to his league career as a head coach.

"Now that was the real Grilled Birds." he purred. "ArSenal were dangerous early on, but we just kept trucking on. We used width correctly today, props to Künzler and Romijn, but overall everybody did good. Top team effort."

The result was good only for third place, with -Blitz- smashing a disappointing Warriors lineup 6-0, and Red Chaos teaching FC Pires a five-goal lesson. newbies are newbies round out the top four, with their 4-1 over Grilled's next opponents Ropelearner FC.

Farmer Bunnies arguably made a huge step towards making their case for promotion to Division Two, as they frustrated former II.1 club Unium F.C in an incredible show of counterattacking prowess. Further discussion would be pointless without a mention of the tireless 32 year-old Enzo Paolo Panzarino, who completed his 20th career hat-trick in in the first half, before starting the second half with a resounding fourth goal.

Unium had perhaps overreached with their rapid rise through the ranks, but they remained a solid outfit fundamentally. However, with Brendan Leung all but marking Liad Boucai out of the game, they had no teeth on offence. This together with Panzarino's epicness severely affected their composure, and it was not until the 66th minute that Panayiotakis Pagkalos made a response, with Wong Ting Yew then sent off. Still, the Buns would score another through Aswad Mohd Jafni before the stony-faced home support.

The hoorah that ensued among the Buns after the final whistle was well-deserved, and a smug-looking Sikong Darong would promise a first Division Three trophy after witnessing the slaughter. "We're ready. We have to be favourites after that - I can't deny it, and the players will have to live up to that branding."

Sikong did reserve some criticism for Wong Ting Yew, who followed his late yellow against China, with two today. "Ting Yew has to cool it slightly." Sikong said. "As much as it pains me to admit this, his tackling was all over the place today. Fortunately, he wasn't scheduled to play midweek anyhow, but it wouldn't do to make a habit of this."

Micky bin Kadir continued his unreal form with a hat-trick for Grilled International, in their opener against Samotišky Saints. An inspired Abdul Hamid bin Hj Ali Timbang recorded his first treble alongside Micky, with Wang Hanxuan also scoring, but the 7-0 was in the end only good for third, as Benfica 1904 led the way with a 10-0 whitewash of dago international.

Not that Tajit bin Mohd was overly bothered. "How can I be negative, after that?" he questioned. "We just have to keep winning big, and we'll bother with others when they come to us."

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