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RukatoMikashita 7 - 0 Grilled Birds
International Friendly (Cup Rules), Season 6622 November 2017 02:30 HTT
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With the match itself admitting little helpful comment, coach-in-charge Luis Alcántara chose instead to laud Prokop Mottl for his bravery.

"Rukato were on another level, but we learnt if nothing else that Prokop's a real fighter." Alcántara said. "This is a quality that has been missing in some of our other guys, but I'm not gonna name names."

Alcántara then turned to the youth setup, in search of some much-needed relief. "Niranjan Muthu was great in the recent 5-0 over Real Madrid U-17. From what I've heard, the Wings may not have as much individual wonders as before, but they're one of the better units we've had."

"Many of them have come through the school of hard knocks - Ong Shun Long got in on the second try, and I hear he's been doing well on the wing, and Ammon Heng... kid was all over the place: RFC, St. Xavier's. Sandy Footprints. He deserved a place for persistence alone."

"And then there was that Malay boy with a wonderful header, but he left early. Haven't seen him around since, and no-one knows who he was."

Farmer Bunnies kept on trucking, and recorded a 2-0 win against Dominican Republic hosts =Züri Pendejos=. Somewhat going against their own reputation, the Buns exploded to their two goals within the first nine minutes, thanks to Kwek Yun Jie and Morgan Hu. Jon Benson would be withdrawn in the fourth minute as a precaution, but he has been cleared for the weekend.

Grilled International were defeated 1-5 at Polish sixth division side FC ŚWIETECHLYWIKI, whose Hungarian veteran Zoltán Soponyai terrorised from midfield. Subhi bin Hj Ahmad scored the consolation from a corner, but Sabli bin Huzaimi had to exit towards the end, after tweaking his right knee badly.

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