Grilled Birds 8 - 2 FC Allgäu Blaichach
Tournament (Playoffs), Season 5801 June 2015 19:00 HTT
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Pro Tour Final

Grilled skipper Tian Yonghang graciously thanked tournament hosts FC Allgäu Blaichach for their hospitality after the dust had settled, with Blaichach again having to wait to lift this particular piece of silverware. There was however little doubt that Tian's mind was already on Maldives giants Ocean Pro Helengeli, however, as they stamped their authority with a clear three-goal victory against Milanosiamonoi!!!'s formidable defence.

Pointing out Helengeli skipper Arthur Hoogervorst and South Korean international playmaker Dae-Sung Choi as the biggest threats to a Grilled repeat, Tian saw the Birds' final contestants as having extremely few exploitable weaknesses. "They close down very fast, and move rapidly down the wings. It will be anything but easy, that's for sure."

Rinor Isufi, for his part, was far less cautious, vowing to score on Azan Shaahee and cement his claim on the tournament Golden Boot, with Hoogervorst realistically the only one able to overhaul him. "I am looking forward to it very much." the Albanian forward declared. "These boots are waiting!"

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