Random Curiosity FC 4 - 2 Grilled Birds
League, Season 5916 August 2015 04:30 HTT
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One Horse Race

Grilled skipper Tian Yonghang recognized that Danilo De Sario's positioning had been the difference between the teams this day. "We gave up too much ground in the first third." Tian apologized. "Danilo was sharp, and deserved his goals. I still think that the referee should have awarded us a corner when it was still 2-0, but that's all in the past now."

Be Champions FC had no such complaints, as they continued their relentless assault on regaining their crown, with a splendid 3-1 away win over a defiant United Warrior Team. Jordan McCleary's consolation was all the Warriors could muster against the rampant BCFC, who however lost striker Nic Zuberbühler to Carlos Rufach's ankle-twisting tackle.

Pudgy Penguins just about kept in their tailwind, also with a fine away victory, theirs against Joker 9. The hosts have been taking their time coming to terms with the standards in the S-League, and were undone by quick strikes at the beginning of each half by Penguins' Paschalis Ptolemeos. Shining Lights stumbled however, falling 1-3 as Pearl Divers raised their performance.

Farmer Bunnies, of course, continued to trail city fc in IV.13, their 7-0 over Heaven remix once more topped by city fc's 11-1 walloping of foo123. Top trainee Tham Leng Teck displayed his ugly side as he provoked fisticuffs with an opponent player late on, relegating his 7th minute opener to a secondary memory.

Enzo Paolo Panzarino again wowed with yet another hat-trick, while Sofian Azfar appears to have discovered his scoring touch, chipping in with a brace to bring his tally to four for the season, after a barren first twenty games. Berndt Weißhaus got the seventh and last in the 82nd, right before Tham's fracas.

Elias van Dal made it clear that such behaviour could not be condoned. "Tham will not play in the make-or-break game against leaders city fc next weekend, even if he had not gotten a red card somehow." the head coach said. "With Cheah Chang Ming also a doubt, our job has become unnecessarily complicated. All said, I still have confidence that the team can pull off a win."

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