Grilled Birds 4 - 1 singnet_utd
League, Season 5714 December 2014 04:30 HTT
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As Good As It Gets

The Grilled supporters in attendance could find little to complain about their side's start, which had seen them score thirteen times in three games while achieving two home wins and a very close fight with Isle of Flames away.

"It's better than I dared dream." new fan Lionel Bey, 21, admitted. "I had expected them to take some time to get used to the higher standards, but it looks like our strikeforce was always capable."

Djan Bacelar urged the players not to let up. "It was a solid display today, but we're still behind Be Champions FC and Pudgy Penguins. They do have dicey away trips coming up next, though, and I expect us to make up ground if either of them slip."

The odds of that appear decent, with next opponents Pearl Divers less than stellar against Be Champions FC, though to be fair better sides would struggle against them at The Special Place. Charis FC went for a defensive stand against Penguins, but were unable to muster enough resistance to avoid a 4-1 beating.

Isle of Flames for their part quietly returned to the top half of the table as they recorded the only away win of the round. QUT FC did little obviously wrong, but could not stand to Flames' slight all-round superiority, and are already in some bother, having yet to gain their first point.

The Bunnies returned to losing ways in III.5, though 0-4 was about par for the course against a far better equipped V-ATPase. Newcomer Aswad Mohd Jafni had to retire after just 12 minutes, due to hitting his head against Henri Haapaniemi's, while Kwek Yun Jie was forced to fill in for Cheong Kong Ting in goal after the latter suffered a muscle tear in making a save. Kwek did keep a clean sheet during those five minutes, though.

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