ChAmPzz 5 - 0 Grilled Birds
League, Season 2508 May 2005 04:30 HTT
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ChAmPzzGrilled Birds
Kalle Hägerflod (21)
Florin Stir (26)
Michael Duvfeldt (47)
Kalle Hägerflod (48)
Florin Stir (61)

Season 25W2 - 0League

Still ChAmPzz
Hägerflod Hello

Even in a finale that was largely inconsequential, Grilled's being stormed by a ChAmPzz side with nothing to play for was a bad advertisement for their next season's prospects in the S-League. Most of the squad looked sluggish as they were bandied about the field by an intelligent ChAmPzz midfield, which to be fair to Grilled put in by far their best effort in months.
ChAmPzz was just over three-fifths full due to bad weather, but everything else went just dandy for them with ex-Swedish U20 striker Kalle Hägerflod dodging past a slow-turning Alcántara to snap a delightful swerving drive that swerved inside Harlow's right hand. Michael Duvfeldt had by this time stamped his authority on the game, elevating Jong-chih and Chu's play to greater heights.

Kek-Tjiang was Grilled's only consistent player, as van Liere went along willingly but his usual trickery was nowhere in sight on the slow pitch. The pace of the game suited ChAmPzz, with Romanian forward Florin Stir forcing a point-blank save from a cross off Harlow. Chu headed the clearance right back, and this time Stir was on hand to find the net.

Siu-Yue was never known to be happy when without the ball, and after several failed attempts at winning back possession lunged into Jong-chih from the side. It was a clear yellow card, and Alcántara briefly contemplated substituting the fiery midfielder before settling on a short lecture.

ChAmPzz made it three two minutes into the second half, with the outstanding Duvfeldt on hand at the far post to bundle in Koen Gulpen's hurried cross on a fast break. That goal broke Grilled's spirit, and they tamely allowed a cheap fourth as Bona held off making a tackle on Hägerflod in the penalty area.

Gulpen supplied the fifth and last goal from another driving run down the left byline, cutting sharply across Alcántara and treating Stir to an easy brace. The Romanian was left free by some unwise defending, and even had time to bring the ball down on his chest before volleying it down the middle.

Martinsson, whose hopes for a second Golden Boot in Singapore were as good as gone when Bill Howard of Cantik scored a second in the 82nd minute of his game, vied valiantly to get a shot off but slithered uncontrollably on the muddy surface. There could have been a sixth had Chance Chu been more patient instead of firing from twenty metres, letting Harlow make a difficult one-handed save.

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    Asher Unhappy
    Not Bullish
    Low on Confidence
    Still ChAmPzz
    Eagles Have Landed
    Disgraceful Capitulation
    Likeable Liehner
    Locomotive Derailed
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