Grilled Birds 4 - 6 -= Manchester United =-
Tournament (Playoffs), Season 5216 May 2013 04:58 HTT
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No Solution In Sight

Niculae Stanca watched grimly with his arms folded as his team repeated all the mistakes that had plagued them last season, and the more knowledgeable fans were moved to declare that there would be no easy way to fix Grilled's deficiencies. "The mentality of this team is too set to shift much." bank analyst Richard Liu, 42, noted. "If we aren't splashing out on defenders who can stand by themselves, teams will score against us. It's a question of whether we can score more."

The friendly loss wasn't taken too harshly otherwise, as the supporters turned up in force to witness the novelty of a ladder system, one which Stanca confirmed that Grilled wouldn't be involved in for too long. "There may be a few more games for me to evaluate the players, but don't expect us to make this a full-time pursuit."

As to transfer rumours swirling about Seytek Djekshenkulov's future, Stanca refused to be drawn into speculation, but sources close to the Kyrgyzstani have indicated that he is "90% certain" of moving on, with several big clubs back in his homeland reputedly interested. "It's about a done deal." a friend of his agent claimed. "They're just waiting for the right time to announce the news."

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