Grilled Birds 7 - 0 FC Camdonia
Tournament (Group Phase), Season 7906 September 2021 18:00 HTT
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Reduced Commitments

Grilled head coach Hilal Bakhtiar accepted his team's exit from the tournament with good grace, because as he admitted, they had bigger problems to tackle. "Our title defence already needs a lot of rescuing." he noted. "These competitions are entertaining and all, but the S-League is our bread and butter."

Bakhtiar had praise to spare for Rölanda BK besides. "It was a tough group with clubs from the top divisions of England and Singapore, and they got the full nine points with a +11 goal difference. That's the OG Swedish league for you."

Vikram Mudaliar was a little sad that his hat-trick meant nothing at the end, but he vowed that it would inspire him to greater heights, with his season yielding just the single cup goal thus far. "It's gotten me back in the groove, that much I can say."

And over in Brunei, Grilled International would claim just north of a hundred grand, after former youth academy playmaker Mai Fulei arrived at French sixth division competitors loose team FB, on a S$5.1 million move from Danish VI.17 club South Harbor GC. International head coach Didi Reidenbach had been briefly considering bringing Mai back to the club, but ultimately elected not to bid.

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    Reduced Commitments
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