Holland Corsairs 0 - 9 Grilled Birds
Cup (Round 2), Season 2330 June 2004 04:30 HTT
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Holland CorsairsGrilled Birds
Nui Pakpao (5)
Kau Siu-Cheung (20)
Milen Kolesov (37)
Ulf Hjortlind (71)
Nui Pakpao (72)
Ola Martinsson (73)
Ulf Hjortlind (73)
Milen Kolesov (73)
Ulf Hjortlind (75)

Corsairs Scuttled
Braces Galore

After a 4-2 spanking by RaZer and surely another one forthcoming when hosing Herron, Grilled needed something stiff for succor. Holland Corsairs proved the right tonic as the Division Five strugglers were put to the sword by a bad-tempered Grilled squad.
Pakpao was introduced as the back three saw a total overhaul, while Harlow kept his place between the posts. Martinsson and Hjortlind, usually rested in such minor affairs, were on display, presumably to get their act together. The Corsairs kept faith in the attacking game that let them overcome sin kp united 4-2 from 0-2 down in the first round. Grilled were a different kettle of fish, though, and after the Corsairs overextended themselves on an optimistic offensive, Nui Pakpao raced up for the predicted return ball from defence. Come it did, and the Thai defender made a beeline for goal and simply thumped it in.

That warned the Corsairs of a basic flaw in their strategy, and they began to adopt a more careful manner. Remarkable goals and misses then occured, as Kau Siu-Cheung and Milen Kolesov contributed with competent finishes in the 20th and 37th minutes respectively. Strikers Ola Martinsson and Ulf Hjortlind both didn't, as Martinsson went oh-so-close with a free kick that drew a fantastic save from Dou Siew-Leng, while Hjortlind could find only the woodwork with only the keeper in the way. Meanwhile, Corsair defenders Yang Yu-Duk and Zhi Chung-Hui were booked as they tried to find answers to the Grilled attacks.

The second half proceedings were sleep-inducing, as if both sides had conspired to a 3-0 scoreline. In fairness the constant rain discouraged pretty football, and aided by the weather the Corsairs were able to disrupt Grilled with little effort. The skies cleared eventually, and in the short space of four minutes the Corsairs were hit for six goals.

The rout began in the 71st minute, as Ulf Hjortlind fed off Riviera's run. The next minute, Martinsson whipped a corner in that Paullin took a potshot with. It disappeared into a mass of players, where Pakpao got a boot to it and poked it in.

Martinsson, ever dangerous with free kicks, drove one into the top corner of the goal in the 73rd, and the spectators, riveted to their seats, must have thought that the end of that. But no, the kick-off saw Ma Dai-Lin do an impression of an eighteen year old as he ran pell-mell down the right, crossing to Hjortlind who mechanically struck the ball into the top of the net. The minute had not yet passed when Kolesov chased down a lacklustre backpass and put it past Siew-Leng. There appeared to be only one team on the field at this instant.

The Corsairs managed to let the 74th minute pass quietly, but in the 75th Hjortlind repeated Martinsson's four-minute hat-trick feat just last Wednesday as Noor Yadah sent a slide-rule pass through the thoroughly dispirited Corsairs defence. Handphones were pulled out en masse as the fans who remained gloated to those that had already left as to what they had missed. At this rate, one was heard to whisper, Grilled were good for fifteen more goals by the final whistle. Of course, that never materialised.

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