Grilled Birds 0 - 2 Steeple Sinderby Wanderers
Tournament (Group Phase), Season 7702 March 2021 21:00 HTT
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Farmer Through

Although Moey Xin Seng tried to make the best of Grilled's latest failure against a low block, one could feel the resentment radiating from the club captain during his address to the press. "It's worth it if it reminds us of what not to do during the cup semifinals." he managed. "Better now than then."

Eren Serpin agreed. "Well done to the Wanderers, but this is, after all, an unofficial tournament, and the group stage for that. We can afford one misstep."

There was no need for such excuses coming from the Farmer Bunnies, who qualified from Group A with a 4-0 victory over Austrian III.7 side diemumus. Ibrahim Zahran Al-Maashany carried on from his previous hat-trick with a fine counter in the 23rd minute, but Vishnu Tallapaka and Lim Su Liang had already opened the way with goals of their own by then.

Mushtag Al-Nameeri's fourth would thus be merely the cherry on top, as N11CĀ's 4-3 win over Cornwall Pylons meant that the latter had been eliminated alongside diemumus. Vishnu Tallapaka warned against going it easy just because of that, though. "Let's keep the winning habit going."

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