Grilled Birds 6 - 0 Taiwan Celtic
Tournament (Playoffs), Season 7701 March 2021 06:00 HTT
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Onward Ho

Eren Serpin saw today's big Pacific Cup win as a good antidote to Sunday's disappointment. "What's done is done, we could all see Kamel's eagerness to make amends, and Panigrahi really made a case for inclusion in the return game. And let's not forget Bernie Egan, who has quietly opened up a two-goal lead in the tournament's top scorers' chart - nine goals in four games is great, however one slices it."

Grilled's Round of Sixteen opponents will be Argentine III.15 leaders Tanfite F.C., who demolished Uruguayan fourth division representatives Parrilla de Chinchulin y Morcilla 4-0 in a Latin American showdown. Serpin recognized a balanced but hardly invincible side there, and commented that playing around Swiss stopper Pedder Kirmayer would be a key element of unlocking Tanfite, by all indications.

It was curtains for the Birds' group stage fellows Pendle Hill Conures though, as they perhaps unsurprisingly fell 0-2 to Liga Perdana giants Malaysian Tigers. The Tigers must be strong favourites against Jarkata's ciorbella too, and if it all goes according to form, Grilled will have the Tigers to contend with in the quarterfinals.

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