Grilled Birds 3 - 4 FC Nottingham Forest
Tournament (Group Phase), Season 7310 January 2020 19:10 HTT
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Liver Blow

Grilled striker Kalki Parvathaneni had to hand it to FC Nottingham Forest. "We had them on the ropes early on, but they adapted and thrived. I thought they had a few lucky breaks too, not that it should be an excuse."

It didn't matter either way, as the other II.4 teams also fell in this round, against their Belgian II.1 counterparts. Joker 9 struck first against the Old English Bulldogs, only to be defeated 2-5 courtesy of an outstanding Juha Pääkkönen, while Singapore Big Dogs couldn't hang with former Emerald Challenger Cup winners Patman Rovers, and were swept 4-0 within an extremely one-sided first half.

The Farmer Bunnies' recurring joke in the Division Battles dragged on, as they were eventually held to a two-all draw, despite a very promising Nurlan Ablaev brace. That said, given that it came against the legends that are the 13-time K-League winners - AS Uijeongbu 07, this could hardly be accounted as a terrible result.

Indeed, the clash between the top leagues of Singapore and South Korea would diplomatically end in a tie, with FC Barca Singapore's whitewash of goalclub matched by FC Owl City against Random Curiosity FC. It thus came down to Haha against current K-League leaders RainbowRabbit, and Haha courageously came up with a late fightback, to level up at 2-2 too.

And over in the Netherlands, Grilled International essentially tied up the V.231 league title, with a double-digit victory against N.E.C. & Liverpool, that featured doubles from Fausto Perono and Wang Hanxuan. Given that next opponents AC Uettligen have also entered administration, and are moreover almost certain to concede a walkover, this would leave International with an unassailable five point lead going into their season closer versus Nice litle pingvin.

Head coach Roar Olaisen however insisted on not celebrating prematurely. "I'm keeping the champagne on ice and under watch; we can bust it out next Friday, if all goes well."

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