05 March 2019
Spigot Turned On

The Birds began their Supporter Week Trophy adventure with three wins in their first four games, kicking off with a 5-1 victory over two-time Jordanian Challenger Cup winners Magic Trick. An irrepressible Chan Ze Han scored the first two, and might have had his hat-trick by the 40th minute, had opposing goalkeeper Andrzej Rudol not pulled off a near-impossible save.

Chan would later be sent off for his involvement in a mass bust-up near the end of the match, and he was sorely missed against Iraqi II.4 club Karbala Jackals, who picked Grilled Birds off with patient defending. Romanian lone striker Gabriel Onise exemplified their character by scoring on what were nearly consecutive touches, over half an hour apart, en route to a 4-0 shutout.

A 10-1 whipping of German seventh division side FC Domkicker was just the tonic, especially for Islom Davlatov, who went from a pointless third minute yellow card to a hat-trick. Chan Ze Han was relatively quiet in his return, but scored in the 80th minute, with Michael Böcklund getting FC Domkicker their consolation goal. Davlatov and Chan were likewise on top against Finnish Division Four team Takkulan Jymy, sharing four goals between them in a dynamic 5-3 win.

Farmer Bunnies carried on from their good Heroes of 2014 tournament run, scoring six and conceding none. Admittedly, they took their time with the goals, as their opener featured a nil-all against Spanish fourth divisioners Sámano Pointers, with Sofian Azfar and Kwek Yun Jie passing up potential late gamewinners. No goals against Scottish IV.53 side Chieftan of Alba either, after they conceded a walkover.

A pair of three-nils followed, with the Buns first facing down Lan Gran Reserva, also of Spain; it was fiercely-contested, but Tham Leng Teck persevered, and Ibrahim Zahran Al-Maashany popped up with a last-minute contribution. It was then Azfar's turn to shine against Swedish Division Four challengers Götene Devils, as he went to air to score twice, sandwiching Vishnu Tallapaka's penalty conversion.

The Buns even found time somewhere in there to record a 5-0 win over Swiss VI.85 representatives Blue Balls of Destiny in the Masters-Cup, making them all but guaranteed to progress, unless FC Munot Sleepers manage to beat them by three or more goals. "It's a bit much." head coach Dalibor Kostadinović confessed. "But we're fulfilling our commitments."

Grilled International had it rougher, losing 1-3 to Swedish Division Five club KOPPARBÄRS POJKAR to begin with. Fausto Perono did well to cancel Jon Wall's opener quickly, but POJKAR's defence would frustrate further International raids. International would then go on to let a lead slip four times against Spanish VI.914 side rorros jrs I. Four goals happened in first-half injury time, with it then closing dramatically with a second Perono caution in the same period.

With Perono suspended, Abdul Hamid bin Hj Ali Timbang slotted in without missing a beat, as he got three against the red-shirted Lazio-based Gabbianella Rosa, despite also being left with ten men following Zaini bin Hj Kaling's 33rd minute dismissal. Perono was restored against Irish fourth division side didoland, but it was Ragib Banović who starred this time, finding two in a 3-2 win.

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