99886633 0 - 11 Grilled Birds
Cup (Round 1), Season 3016 August 2006 04:30 HTT
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99886633Grilled Birds
Qiu Swee Pheng (1)
Qiu Swee Pheng (13)
Luis Alcántara (24)
Terkel Borup (29)
Terkel Borup (41)
Jaan Kadak (42)
Dragos Olaru (64)
Dani Spirig (73)
Anders Fredgård (75)
Jaan Kadak (81)
Jaan Kadak (82)

Beyond Count
Qiu First

It isn't every day where Grilled get to compete against a team whose name is wholly made up of numerals, and Grilled fittingly racked up some big sums of their own against 99886633. Debutant Qiu Swee Pheng delighted with a deft dribbled goal with just 23 seconds on the clock, perhaps the shortest ever wait by a Grilled player. As if that were not enough, the converted winger scuffed home a second from Han Kok's precise lob.
Luis Alcántara, into his seventh season as Grilled player-coach, then did Ola Martinsson's job at spot kicks. The Swede superstar had been rested for the RaZer encounter later in the week, so after Hjortlind was hugged too tightly for comfort, the Argentinean chipped masterfully in from the penalty.

Sprightly 99886633 striker Shamsul Akmar bin Isa gave Bona a run for his money on a solo raid two minutes after Grilled went 3-0 up, and the German only just outmuscled the 22 year-old striker. That sent Shamsul sprawling, and he had to sit down for several minutes before continuing.

Sadly, he could only watch as his teammates leaked three more to Grilled before the half-time whistle. Borup scored his first as Han Kok proved just too hot for part-timers to handle, and a firm backheader from Olaru landed just in front of Borup for him to guide in Grilled's fifth. Kadak ran through to thump the sixth in with three minutes to the break.

Grilled's stroll continued in the 64th minute as Qiu Swee Pheng unselfishly gave the ball to Olaru, who was mobbed by several opponents even as he fought to keep the ball under control. Kong Kian was in two minds after seeing Olaru fall, but no foul was called, and the transfer-listed Romanian made him pay by stroking in his first-ever competitive goal.

Rusdi bin Mohammad held back after he was carded for rough play, and Spirig took advantage of that hesitation by ghosting by to hit a strongly dipping shot past the dispirited Teo Li Jie, who berated Rusdi for that lapse. Olaru passed up on a gilt-edged chance from Borup, whose backheel out of the blue set Olaru well in the clear. Fredgård was played onside by 99886633's skipper Lau Wan Choon however, and he had the easiest of finishes at the far post.

Kadak then chose the final ten minutes to earn his first hat-trick for Grilled, as befits a wearer of the Number Ten shirt. Stung by a paltry five-goal haul from the whole of last season, Kadak went halfway towards surpassing that forgettable campaign with a couple of hard, low grounders a minute apart. As he kissed the Grilled crest after the final goal, even the home supporters could not help but empathise with the previously luckless forward.

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