mother nature united 0 - 6 Grilled Birds
Cup (Round 5), Season 2801 February 2006 04:30 HTT
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mother nature unitedGrilled Birds
Ola Martinsson (12)
Bukhari Abd Hamid (17)
Ulf Hjortlind (27)
Ulf Hjortlind (84)
Terkel Borup (85)
Ola Martinsson (87)

Gaia Marred
Fiery Welcome

Grilled ended up facing a freshly formed club relatively late in the Cup, as scheduled opponents VeryBigGun were de-registered a day after crushing troubled Division Two side Ampang FC. mother nature united were slated to replace VeryBigGun in all competitions, and ended up being sledgehammered in their league debut by BonGGie FC, 8-0.
It was not going to be much better against Grilled Birds, as it was never going to be a fair fight with Grilled's stockpiled talent. mother nature united stuck with the conservative but naive 4-4-2, and Grilled's stars hardly broke a sweat picking it to pieces.

Grilled were confident enough to place heavy responsibility on the shoulders of their three youngest squad members, as Bukhari, Jie Siong and Borup were told to do the club proud in midfield. Kek-Tjiang was left in to mentor them, and Hjortlind for Wai-Kin to take a break.

The game proceeded tamely as Grilled's youngsters didn't do too well with their overly direct play in their eagerness to prove themselves. As an example, Lee Jie Siong tried to go past two men instead of laying it to an unmarked Hjortlind, to the latter's bemusement. Predictably Jie Siong fell at the first hurdle, as Liu Chu Ya brought him down cleanly.

Amazingly, the referee's whistle sounded and he pointed at the spot. Chu Ya was incredulous, and his teammates protested in his support, but to no avail. Martinsson, never one to question the legality of any decision which brings him a scoring opportunity, did his job mechanically.

After that calming opener, Grilled got down to the business of demolishment more seriously, and began passing the ball about more intelligently. A dangerous pass out to the wing forced a corner, and from that, Hjortlind had a low shot blocked at the post. Bukhari was waiting in front of goal, however, and he slid inside together with the ball for his first ever goal for Grilled.

Hjortlind scored the third in the 27th minute, but thereafter Grilled were embarassingly impotent in their finishing. It was not for want of chances, as mother nature united's men were visibly tired as the match progressed - their stamina training was evidently not as rigorous as an S-League side's.

Both Hjortlind and Martinsson missed numerous good chances, and the home team looked to have secured a pretty respectable 0-3 scoreline when Grilled went on a late rampage. Chu Ya, who had been his team's best performer notwithstanding the questionable penalty decision, was grounded with cramps, and Hjortlind took full advantage to ram home the fourth.

In the five minutes remaining, Grilled recorded two more goals as the home team finally crumbled. Terkel Borup notched his first goal of a barren season with a calm sidefooted effort, and then Martinsson arrowed in a stupendous free kick that had even the opposition supporters applauding.

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