Hattrick all the time 3 - 1 Grilled Birds
League, Season 2802 April 2006 04:30 HTT
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Hattrick all the timeGrilled Birds
Cosme Matas (19)
Visarion Craioveanu (36)
Visarion Craioveanu (74)
Lorenz Paullin (38)

Season 28W3 - 0League
Season 27W2 - 0League
Season 27L6 - 2League
Season 26D3 - 3League
Season 26L6 - 0League

Two Horse Race

Grilled's decidedly slim chances of doing the double were destroyed by Hattrick all the time, who put Grilled out of contention with a clear win at the National Stadium. Winning Eleven however were held to a score draw by lcfc, which means that ChAmPzz still have a mathematical - if astronomical - shot at retaining the S-League title.
As against heimu XI, Grilled fell prey to one of their worst starts ever seen. Luis Alcántara would later berate the team for taking the game too lightly, and it was worrying that even the captain took things easy. Recent S$8 million signing Cosme Matas nutmegged Falkbo handily before planting the ball past a stranded Abed-Sulaiman in the 19th minute.

That didn't shake Grilled up, and they continued lethargically. While in most games there would have been a player or two standing out to rouse his mates, the entire team was disinterested this time round. Tall Romanian striker Visarion Craioveanu made life even more difficult for Grilled, after Matas delivered a hanging cross into the six-yard box.

Lorenz Paullin replied to stop HaTT from running away with the game, as Cao Wai-Kin again turned provider when faced with ready defenders. Paullin's speed put him at an advantage when breezing past Strassburger, but his finish against Eric Alley was absolutely delectable, a flick with the outside of this weak foot.

Grilled were given the fire and brimstone treatment by Alcántara during half-time, and they came out the tunnel much more motivated. For much of the second half, they were on top and could have even taken the lead had not two glorious tries by Siu-Yue and Wai-Kin hit the woodwork.

HaTT's central defender Strassburger received a yellow card as he tried to delay a free-kick in front of goal, which was put over by Sid anyway. HaTT then counterpunched brilliantly, as Craioveanu got his double through another high ball from Matas. Grilled were totally down in the dumps, and never looked like regaining their prior fluency.

American goalkeeper Eric Alley aggravated the hamstring injury he brought into the game when jumping for a lob, but managed to keep a tight grip on the ball with one hand while clutching his leg. Player-coach Qiu Su-xin, an ex-Singapore international, made a nostalgic return to competition, but had little to do as his outfielders held Grilled back.

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