Hertals City 4 - 7 [a.e.t] Grilled Birds
International Friendly (Cup Rules), Season 6601 November 2017 13:00 HTT
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Well Fought

While Alcántara congratulated Hertals for their tenacity in taking Grilled to a full-time draw, he also bemoaned the toll it had taken on his players. "Djan won't be happy - newbies can be dangerous on their day, and I know I'd much rather have fresh players to face them."

Bunnies were likewise left bemoaning a literal last-minute knock to Kwek Yun Jie in their 4-0 win over Hertals' Ivory Coast affiliate Royal Sporting Club Abidjan, which will leave the wingback in doubt for his third national cap against Mozambique on Friday night.

Otherwise, there was little to complain about the Buns' performance, with midfield general Jon Benson affording them plenty of breathing space with a 13th minute piledriver. Lau Chang Wan would add two on counterattacks, and Liderhan Kadyr would add the fourth and last on the late free-kick move that followed Kwek's departure.

The unlucky fellow for Grilled International was Romano Armellin, who suffered the indignity of watching the ball go in off his own groin in the 14th minute, as Giuseppe Casano made it 2-0 for Hungarian Division Five hosts OC Partizans. Soo Kiong Yau converted a penalty in the 34th to pull one back, but missed his second spot-kick in the 49th. It ended 2-1.

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