Grilled Birds 1 - 6 Vondelpark Palace
International Friendly, Season 6430 April 2017 04:30 HTT
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International Lifted

Dante Tran might have racked up a memorable assist, but the crushing friendly defeat only served to further sear in the progress he would have to make, to cut it in the first team.

"It's tough to appreciate, even if we train with the regular XI quite often." Tran commented. "There's a side to it that doesn't properly come out except in actual games, and you find yourself always a step behind the action."

Grilled International were living the dream, for a morning at least, as they beat Farmer Bunnies on their first visit to Carrot Field; moreover, Bunnies fielded a side featuring Enzo Paolo Panzarino and Abderahim Bentellis, among a host of other international-level players, which made the victory only the more satisfying.

True, Hesky Atmanegara's penalty winner against Rashid Nasir al Din was the product of what seemed a blatant dive by Micky bin Kadir, but none of the Internationals seemed to care much. Wong Ting Yew, who conceded the spot kick, was in a generous mood.

"Well, even if we were to discount that, it remains that we couldn't score against them." he said. "They worked very hard as a unit today. As for us, I think we need more time with this 4-4-2."

The results from the qualifiers would trickle in soon after, and Changi Genius will renew their rivalry with the Birds for the new season, after they were beaten 4-2 by Asparagus in extra time, with Hungarian striker Zsigmond Bali in imperious form. Really McCoys survived with a solid 4-0 win over IV.18 winners Midnight-Sun, but sealion were replaced by -Blitz-, who will get their first taste of Division Three, after a tame loss.

Another Jurong club in Singa Songo, and Ang Mo Kio's Black Banana FC, make up the rest of III.15, which Moey Xin Seng is looking forward to. "I have a good feeling about this."

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