Grilled Birds 5 - 0 Titus Titanium IV
League, Season 2718 December 2005 04:30 HTT
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Grilled BirdsTitus Titanium IV
Cao Wai-Kin (2)
Hidde van Liere (9)
Jon Andrea Rottman (27)
Jörgen Falkbo (83)
Au-Yong Siu-Yue (85)

Season 27W1 - 3League
Season 26D2 - 2League
Season 26W3 - 2League
Season 24L1 - 4Qualification

Tough On Titus

Outdoing themselves with a home performance that saw half the outfielders find the net, Grilled closed the curtains on a hugely successful season by most measures in superb style. Titus were all too focused on their unavoidable qualification match, and were never really in the game.
Wai-Kin will be quick to declare his drought well and truly over, as he scored on his very first run. Rottman's delicate chipped pass was spot-on, and Wai-Kin dared the defence to take him down with a bulldozing run that skirted the penalty area. Wee-Cheong was a foot short with his tackle, giving Wai-Kin the freedom to lash in a second-minute goal.

Grilled enjoyed their soccer, and grew quickly in confidence in front of an appreciative home crowd. van Liere flitted from the right flank to the middle and back, casually brandishing his maturing skills. Finishing never rated highly among his talents, but he did well when the ball came to his feet by way of Martinsson. Wang Yukpui stood his ground as van Liere's shot nestled itself into the far corner.

Barely ten minutes gone and two up, Grilled spluttered a little as they found it hard to keep the production line moving. van Liere was one who never stopped scheming, though, and could always be counted on to kickstart a stalled offence. He twisted the opposing backline into a pretzel, finally backheeling for Rottman to blast in the third.

Titus actually held on to possession well, unfortunately their cutting edge was absent. Usually prolific Tang Mei-Kuen could have given their fans something to hold on to when he was put through, but slammed his low shot against the outside of Grilled's post instead.

It was in the middle of the game that Titus had a resurgence, one that did not however result in any goals. Outstanding local midfielder Jiu Thuy rocked the bar with a stunning turnaround strike, which Sid possessed sufficient presence of mind to boot off the goalline at the first opportunity.

van Liere was a real livewire who probably deserves more goals than he gets, no thanks to fantastic saves like the one made by Yukpui off his direct header. It looked in all the way, but Titus' goalie used his huge wingspan to flap the ball barely over the crossbar.

If there ever was a clear sign that no-one would be able to score more than a solitary goal, it was the sight of Yukpui brilliantly keeping out a Wai-Kin sizzler, only for it to bounce back to Falkbo who had followed on diligently. His headstart was enough for him to stab it past Yukpui on the second attempt unchallenged.

Two minutes later, Siu-Yue claimed Grilled's last competitive goal of the season, as he whizzed through showing great endurance. His control was tight enough that the ball was not overhit, and one final prod sent it on its way into the net.

The last few moments of the season saw Tang Chien-Hui come full circle - victim in Titus' opening day loss to Grilled, this time he turned aggressor. A wholly unnecessary slide tackle on Kek-Tjiang, blindly followed through, earned him a deserved caution.

Grilled's campaign was summed up when Ahmed Abed-Sulaiman beat away two shots in quick succession by Choy Yiu-Bong in stoppage time, as he clearly had no intent to let even a consolation goal into his net. That brought a chorus of cheers from the East End, who obviously knew how much the Egyptian had contributed to Grilled's success so far.

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