Cantik FC 1 - 3 Grilled Birds
League, Season 2506 March 2005 04:30 HTT
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Cantik FCGrilled Birds
Bill Howard (42)
Shen Kek-Tjiang (27)
Fabian Bona (42)
Jan Langeland (66)

Merrily Ticking
Quah Promotion

Fresh from being stopped in the Cup, Cantik FC's days got gloomier as Quah Han Kok at 18 years of age made a triumphial debut in Division Two league soccer. Quah was doubtless not on the level of Rottman and Kek-Tjiang, but wasn't a total outsider as he picked up the flow.
Cantik sat deep angling for counter-attacks, before a two-thirds empty El Estadio Bonito as disappointed home fans sat out. Cantik were another side with a no-nonsense backline, led by the homegrown Wan Cheng-Gong. After nearly half an hour of scrappy football, Paullin swung past Johan Herbrant and plopped a cute short cross to Kek-Tjiang, who amazingly begun a little scoring streak of his own.

It was the third straight league game in which the outstanding defensive midfielder has had the ball in the back of the net, and he proved he was worth his weight in gold when he shackled Cantik's New Zealand main striker Bill Howard as he was lifting his leg for a sitter.

Fabian Bona was another player with a higher goal return than his position might suggest, part of which may be attributed to his willingness to have a go. He would be forgiven for wasting a couple in most games as his energetic volley deep in the box squirmed in at the near post for 2-0.

Cantik were once S-League third place finishers and no pushovers, and their very own Dutch winger Christophe Schwencke pressed Alcántara and won out from the kick-off. Sensing a clear path to go, he ran right at a pensive defence and flicked a level cross into the middle. Bill Howard gobbled up the chance with a firm header that brooked no opposition.

Cantik's dangerous set-piece taker Christer Jeppsson took one from distance a minute into the second half, but his effort drifted off-target as Harlow sprinted across the goalmouth. They didn't have too many opportunities, and Langeland's strike off another van Liere contribution from the right made it very hard for them to close the gap.

Their slim hopes shrunk further in the 69th minute when the competitive Christophe Schwencke hacked Grilled's captain Luis Alcántara down in trying to get the ball. The red card makes Schwencke unavailable for Cantik's trip to Ampang FC next Sunday, and Alcántara had few concerns as he passed the armband to a delighted Rottman before taking himself off.

    Dukes Out
    Hook, Line And Sinker
    Unfair Play
    Thunder Silenced
    Play it Safe Again, Luis
    Merrily Ticking
    Smooth Sailing
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