Carpmael Rovers 2 - 1 Grilled Birds
Cup (Round of 16), Season 2401 December 2004 04:30 HTT
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Carpmael RoversGrilled Birds
You Ya-Wen (33)
You Ya-Wen (37)
Dani Spirig (68)

Rovers Romp On
Not You, Ya-Wen

The curse of Geylang did strike Grilled down, as Carpmael Rovers slew them through a first-half brace from 22 year-old local You Ya-Wen. Carpmael relied on a staid 4-4-2 in front of an Aljunied Court filled with eighty thousand people, speedy Bulgarian defender Maxim Yavorov clearing his lines with efficiency. It wasn't long before a through ball from Tse Kwok-Wing to ex-Cantik striker Koo Hyu-ba-to had Harlow scrambling to prevail in a one-on-one.
Martinsson and Langeland had no understanding as countless good pass angles were given up, making some Grilled fans bemoan the benching of Ulf Hjortlind. Carpmael were far more well-versed in attack, Belgian winger Jacob Toubon eating into countryman Dewilde's space to deliver a flighted ball into the box. You Ya-Wen came in as Bona was preoccupied with Hyu-ba-to, and he placed a controlled header into the left side of goal.

The dust had barely settled wheh Hyu-ba-to lost Alcántara and penetrated deeply into the area. when Bona came across, he had his timing just right as he trailed a pass to Ya-Wen, who stabbed it over Harlow just as Dewilde slid in. Grilled attempted an immediate riptose, with Langeland hitting a shot into the crossbar from a position outside the box. Martinsson was a step slow as the recovering Thomas Olofsson put the rebound out.

Grilled's goal came in the 68th minute when Asher Stanton got the ball to Spirig in the six-yard box. The 18 year-old Switzer, tried out on the left wing, breezed to the near post and rolled his third Cup goal in. Carpmael had not given that away easily, and Toubon underlined their commitment with a scything tackle as Paullin ran at him. He was booked, but Paullin had to hobble out.

Grilled's moment of truth fizzled out, as Martinsson lined up for perhaps the best free kick he could have hoped for - just left of centre and only eighteen metres out. He cleared Carpmael's five man wall handily after making as if to pass to Noor Yadah, but there was insufficient spin as it cut back only enough to shake the right post. In the end, Grilled were fortunate not to have the score pulled wider as Welsh wingback James Woodward's 88th minute attempt was touched past the post by Harlow.

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