Charis FC 0 - 6 Grilled Birds
Cup (Round 3), Season 2307 July 2004 04:30 HTT
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Charis FCGrilled Birds
Ma Dai-Lin (9)
Ulf Hjortlind (16)
Ulf Hjortlind (29)
Ma Dai-Lin (39)
Ola Martinsson (46)
Ola Martinsson (82)

Charis Combat
Obnoxious Ong

Grilled saw off a spirited Charisian team 6-0 at the Charis FC Arena, as the East Coast team tried their best given the circumstances. Charis FC, formed only in the middle of last season, fielded a capable defence that should see them go up from Division Five, though not in the same league as Grilled's forwards who returned with a brace each.
Charis have let in but two in their last four competitive games, but Ma Dai-Lin and Ulf Hjortlind equalled that by the 16th minute. The Stanton to Dai-Lin combination broke the Charis backline for the first goal, while Hjortlind, hungry as ever, pounced on a bit of poor control by Swedish fullback Levi Gunnarsson and turned it into something tangible.

The 31 year-old Dai-Lin has for so long been a solid if unspectacular fixture on the right wing, but now the team moving its center of gravity away from him has allowed him some flash in his game. He executed a delightful heel-flick over his head while in full flow, taking himself past last man Cheong Tze Yeow. Caught up in the mood, he then sacrificed utility for flair as he took his shot off-stride, letting Dutch goalkeeper Ignas Dokter save. Hjortlind was all business in contrast, ignoring what could have been a foul as he powered his way to the edge of the area and struck hard for 3-0. Dai-Lin added a fourth, again through the right flank, before the game stopped for Charis' Ni Wee-Kiong to have his foot tended.

Martinsson started the second half with a goal, as unintentional handball in the area by bin Yusuf won Grilled a penalty. The spot kick was put into the top left corner without so much as a thought. Ong Chin Wai got the first card of the game in the 62nd minute when he barged into Kolesov in a fight for possession. Martinsson and Hjortlind both misfired from long range, then Ong Chin Wai was ejected for another late challenge. Down to ten men, Charis didn't have a prayer even as Martinsson continued his wasteful ways, hitting the bar when it seemed easier to score before tapping in Grilled's sixth in the 82nd minute.

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