Aurochs Blitz 4 - 3 Grilled Birds
Cup (Round of 32), Season 3117 January 2007 04:30 HTT
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Aurochs BlitzGrilled Birds
Božidar Lero (6)
Klemansas Mironavičius (7)
Fokko van der Veen (72)
Božidar Lero (81)
Dimitri Simon (26)
Ola Martinsson (73)
Sylweriusz Zywczyn (76)

Blitzed By Aurochs
Godeanu Gasses Grilled

Division Three side Aurochs Blitz sent Grilled Birds crashing out of the Cup, as like The Beribeliabilable before them, they hired a "three-day player" to boost their midfield for the match. Although Romanian star Anghel Godeanu didn't find the net himself, his distribution and aerial presence in the middle of the park were enough for Aurochs to oust Grilled in the seven-goal spectacle.
Having expended much energy in their last Cup and league matches, Grilled prepared themselves to operate in a counter-attacking style in Tanglin, but otherwise were at full strength. Aurochs were kitted out in their usual claret and blue, and were intent on utilizing their fearsome three-man attack with Godeanu and Mironavicius' assistance.

Grilled fell to two early blitzkriegs, first as the speedy Patrik Lannerbeck got past a badly positioned Bona to reach prime crossing territory. From there, he had plenty to aim at as his forwards had followed in anticipation, and the Grilled defence got nowhere near Božidar Lero before the Swede leapt to beat Sulaiman with a directed header.

The very next minute, new arrival Mironavicius came in from out wide, totally unmarked, to wrest the ball from a harassed Sid and deposit it smoothly beyond Sulaiman's lead; It was a wonder that Grilled kept the score down as much as they did, with both Godeanu and Paixão wasting excellent chances. Simon even managed to reduce the gap when he poked the ball past German keeper Marco Schneßl without waiting to control a pass from van Liere.

Grilled battled manfully in the second half but were always second best in midfield, though they did have some credible counterattacks in compensation. Then, Lorenz Paullin had to come off with a bad ankle in the 71st minute, and his replacement Jie Siong immediately gave up possession to Aurochs, who got the ball into the net courtesy of van der Veen.

That shook some life into Grilled, and two masters of their craft responded with a goal worthy of any highlight reel. Hidde van Liere trusted in his instincts to drag the ball behind him and sent it sailing into the penalty area without looking up, where it was met by the sublime skills of Martinsson. Schneßl didn't even bother to chase the looping header as it bounced over his goalline.

The home crowd, who had appeared sure of victory, were shaken when Dacroce clearly tugged on Simon's jersey after a ball over the defence gave him something to chase. Dacroce escaped a booking as he was not the last man, but that didn't save his team from losing its lead as Sid sidefooted the penalty straight in after seeing Schneßl commit himself prematurely.

That wasn't enough to bring the match into extra time, as Lero followed up his booking with a slaloming dribble that concluded in a curling beauty right to the far bottom corner of Sulaiman's goal. Grilled tried to force the issue, but Aurochs kept possession intelligently after that, and there was no way back.

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