1-0 FC 1 - 3 Grilled Birds
Cup (Round 3), Season 3120 December 2006 04:30 HTT
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1-0 FCGrilled Birds
Dömötör Flórián (45)
Sylweriusz Zywczyn (36)
Anders Fredgård (38)
Lee Jie Siong (76)

Three Against One Nil
Sapping Strength

Grilled did well to carve out a 1-3 win against the aptly-named 1-0 FC at their One-Goal Stadium, as the hosts strung five across the back and hit long balls up to lone striker Frederik Thycosen unabashedly.
This had done them wonders in Division Five, and also got them through to the third round, but they had seldom faced opponents of the Birds' class. Their wholly negative gameplan simply delayed the inevitable, as Sid pierced their human fortress with a rocket from thirty metres.

This stunned the previously confident 1-0 FC, and Anders Fredgård came out of the blue to make it two within three minutes, leaving the home team with a mountain to climb. They didn't go to pieces, however, and regained belief after a clearance on the line after Ødegaard rounded goalkeeper Béla Baticz, who later prevented a sweet shot from Swee Pheng.

Iosif Constantin then followed Juan Patricio Ulla into the referee's black book after a self-sacrificial tackle on Han Kok to break up an attack, and 1-0 FC then won themselves a lifeline as they got a goal through Dömötör Flórián in the dying seconds of first-half added time.

The 1-0 FC coach sent his team out to try and pull level in the second half, but this was a stance that was utterly alien to the players, and led to several good opportunities for Grilled. Fredgård and Sid came from deep once more, but couldn't put it into the net.

The home side finally recognized the danger that Sid posed late on, and wingback Sergio Calidoni went studs-first into the Polish defender in the 74th minute, earning a booking. Sid had his payback soon, as he squared the free-kick into the middle, and Jie Siong was played through by a quick-thinking Han Kok.

Now two down and with time running short, 1-0 FC finally abandoned any pretence at defence, and came right at Grilled. Thycosen, who had a quiet game isolated up front, began to burn off his energy reserves, and could have made things extremely interesting with a measured lob that briefly worried Bao-Tam.

There would be no comeback for the home side, however, as Grilled gave them a taste of their own medicine by defending deep, and Thycosen had nothing to show for his woes but a booking. Mohd Firdaus could have stuck it in as Grilled broke through Swee Pheng down the right, only to trip at the last moment.

    Rama Humbled
    Dimitri Alchemy
    Welcome Reprive
    Three Against One Nil
    Valuable Experience
    Hao Much More
    Herron Hum Along
    Real Downer
    Lim Given Break
    Ødegaard Onboard
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