Grilled Birds 5 - 0 [w.o] Smurfbart Krautrock
Tournament (Playoffs), Season 6612 October 2017 19:00 HTT
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Transfer Gossip

With their bye, the Birds are now scheduled to face Michigan-based Saint Juanesburgo, who play in the fifth division of the U.S. league, next. They would offer little hint of their state of mind after America's disastrous failure to qualify for the World Cup, though, as their own opponents - former Irish Premier team Pure Heterosexuals - were likewise absent.

Since their matches before that, huge whitewashes of Chaos Bros. and Hagu, were against semi-pro sides, head coach Djan Bacelar would have to admit that he had precious little to work on. "Hopefully we get some idea of their true form, when they host Gotham City Corp. this weekend."

What was confirmed was that the Birds were not in the market for reinforcements, however, with a much-publicized possible return for the now 31 year-old Hariharan Prabhu falling through. The midfielder will now play in Romania for B&G United, following a closely-watched S$4.1 million deal.

This was not the case at Carrot Field, with whispers of a second giant buy to possibly eclipse even Jon Benson's earth-shaking S$11.5 million pricetag. This has unavoidably led to comments that the Bunnies may soon be outstripping their parent club in both ambition and quality.

If he was affected by such talk, however, Bacelar certainly didn't show it. "The way I see it, while the historical connection will always be there, they do their thing, and we do ours."

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