mist 2 - 0 Grilled Birds
League, Season 3114 January 2007 04:30 HTT
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mistGrilled Birds
Mãdãlin Ilie (49)
Tao Sunheng (69)

Misty Eyed
No Bite

Bukhari Abd Hamid made a rare start as Grilled rested van Liere for the upcoming Cup tie, but he was practically invisible against the top-drawer midfield of mist. mist for their part were not that special in other departments, other than a scary left wing that saw Portugeuse speedster Carlos Bastos and bullish Danish striker Leif Egelund terrorize Sid on defence.
Grilled were unapologetic in setting out for a draw, given the circumstances, with Bukhari under orders to play more as a second wingback than as a winger. Bastos was too much for the reluctant defender, however, and Bukhari was reduced to chasing shadows most of the time.

Mãdãlin Ilie was the focus of the mist attack, but Bona to his credit kept the Romanian in his pocket for most of the first half. A scorching drive from Ilie was bravely blocked by Fredgård in the 16th minute, and Ilie had a second attempt after Han Kok had taken Höging down on the flank. Höging quickly sent the pass up to Ilie, whose fluid chip grazed the outside of a post.

The exertions of the first half told after the restart, and Bastos in particular had a field day against the attacking-minded duo of Bukhari and Sid. It was inevitable that he would be given a passport into the danger zone sooner or later, and indeed that happened in the 49th minute after an abortive Grilled breakaway. Bastos sped down the empty left wing and squared for Ilie to tap home.

Bastos tested Sulaiman with a close range chip of his own that the Egyptian goalie scrambled out just in time, but Grilled were showing little menace despite needing to score. Eventually, a strong barrage by Egelund ended the game as a contest, as he cleared the way for Tao Sunheng to sweep a low ball into the net.

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