Codingin Football Club 3 - 1 Grilled Birds
League, Season 3110 December 2006 04:30 HTT
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Codingin Football ClubGrilled Birds
Jordan Himes (6)
Claes Månsson (41)
Hendrik-Jan Boroffka (82)
Sylweriusz Zywczyn (20)

Season 30L2 - 0League
Season 30L0 - 4League
Season 29L0 - 2League
Season 29L2 - 0League
Season 25W1 - 5Cup

Plenty Of Holes
Fluffed Chances

The Birds lost their fifth match in succession to derby opponents Codingin Football Club at St James Park, but will have to take a good look at themselves as they had enough opportunities to turn it around.
Their task was made all the more difficult in the sixth minute, as Dani Spirig regressed into schoolboy mode and absentmindedly stroked a lazy pass right into the path of the sprightly Jordan Himes, who pushed the ball past Bona with his first touch and past Abed-Sulaiman with his second.

Spirig survived the earful he got from his fellow defenders and goalkeeper, but was muted in midfield. Codingin pounded at the door of the Grilled defence ceaselessly, but it was the Birds who came closest from that series of attacks as a fortuitous clearance was centered to Martinsson first time by Kek-Tjiang. Martinsson however rushed his strike and sent it wide.

Grilled did get the second of the game against the run of play, as they broke quickly down the right side, with Paullin leading the way. The ball eventually fell loose to Sid, who took a short run-up and crashed a drive past Latvian goalie Avier Panasevich, nearly taking a defender's face off in the process.

It was clearly the visitors' intention to enter half-time on level terms, but Codingin put paid to that with four minutes to go. Forward Claes Månsson, who has three goals from his last five meetings with the Birds, jiggled his way past Grilled's central defence and put in an inch-perfect strike.

Abed-Sulaiman would come off second best to Panasevich in this duel of keepers, as the Latvian pushed away Martinsson's wonder strike in the 49th minute; The Swedish forward could not be accused of a lack of effort, as he defended from the front, and picked up a yellow card soon after in trying to win back possession.

Martinsson's hard work paid off indirectly as Codingin hit a bad free-kick that came straight back through Han Kok, but again Panasevich stopped it, this time with his legs. Grilled tried a third time as Fredgård joined in the attack, but once again it was warded off onto the bar.

Grilled were by now so intent on getting a goal that they neglected their defence, and were left with no way back after Dutch ex-international winger Hendrik-Jan Boroffka ran in on the depleted left side of Grilled's defence, and put it low past Abed-Sulaiman.

Lorenz Paullin was none too happy with the way things were turning out, and took it out on Azrul Hisyam bin Sabtu, who had to be stopped from retaliating by his teammates as Paullin was motioned over by the referee to be booked. Grilled would not even have the consolation of another goal, as Martinsson was denied by the crossbar at the final whistle.

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