13 December 2017
Leong, Khairi Shift

The production lines continued to purr for Grilled Birds and Farmer Bunnies, as their respective youth players Leong Choon Cheng and Khairi Khairil Anwar Abdul Malik were taken on free transfers by interested clubs.

The 17 year-old Leong, described as a mobile midfielder, would become one of the first batch of draftees of Ukraine Division Five side Caleidoscopio FC. Glib Beletskiy has selected ten trainees thus far in his quest to reform the former Dynamo Mykolayiv, and Tham Beng Li is of the opinion that Leong can impress with his fleetness.

"He's developed physically since first being rejected by -= Manchester United =-," chief scout Tham said. "and he's grown into a good specimen of the modern playmaker. He knows he's got to continue working hard, but all the basic tools are there."

As for Khairi of the Buns, his destination would be Belgium, with sixth division club Thn_B having also just completed the transfer of Joris Lettens. The 18 year-old winger had also considered a bid from Portuguese Division Five suitors NunoClar, but felt his immediate playing prospects better with Thn_B.

Cheekily dubbed as "so good they almost named him twice" by Rancher Rabbits followers, Khairi does indeed pack a mean cross with either foot; his lack of any other particularly outstanding attribute has discouraged some scouts, but mentor Ooi Long Ming for one doesn't think it'll hold him back.

"Khairi is extremely reliable in the right areas, and that's something you seldom get from players at his age. This alone should get him plenty of play time with a supportive club."

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