10 December 2017
Vorwärts Shopping Spree

Grilled International pair Ali Timbang bin Seruji and Rahman bin Kamran were picked up by freshly-formed Brunei Division Three side FC Vorwärts Wettringen (Brunei) on free transfers today. They join Kopites Club De Futball youngsters Mursidi bin Hj Rosmin and Usman Antara, along with Vorstadt Residenz 1942's Vidnyesh Desai and Brunei Stars' Abdul Hamid bin Adie Arsham, as part of Austrian head coach Sascha Schwab's new setup.

Both 18 years of age, central defender Ali Timbang and forward Rahman had found the market for potential tight, with the former having waited over two months before an offer came from Vorwärts. "Of course I accepted immediately." the visibly-relieved Ali Timbang said. "All the better that I get to stay here - my family was worried that I'd have to leave."

For Rahman bin Kamran, the contract was all the sweeter, as it came after he had been repeatedly turned down by his favoured youth team, oilers juniors. "I was pretty down for a time after that, but Zulfadly was just so encouraging, and you know the rest."

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